a division of Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett

YALLS group is a 501(c)(3) non profit day program, guiding adults with mild to moderate disabilities in the workplace, community, and home.

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Adults with disabilities age out of the public education sector on their 22nd birthday, leaving families to make some very difficult choices in supporting their loved one. Our program provides a stepping stone for young adults transition from "school age" into adulthood. The YALLS group is a division of the Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett in which our students simply transition from high school directly into our adult day program. We strive to provide families with the resources necessary to navigate these changes.

In the YALLS Group our hope is that each individual will grow their independence in the community, workplace, and within their homes. Striving to help each of our participants find their niche that will provide them with fulfillment and pride that will keep them looking forward.

About Us

The YALLS Group is a division of the Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett.. YALLS stands for YOUNG ADULTS LEARNING LIFE SKILLS. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit adult day program/community access group for individuals 18 years or older with varying disabilities. We meet Monday - Friday 9am-3pm; 12 months out of the year with days off for major holidays and few planning days. In Inclement weather we follow the Gwinnett County Schools procedures.

Our mission is to reach as many individuals as we can possibly support. We want to be a resource to all families. One of the main life skills we instill in our program is the importance of giving back to our communities. We want our participants to understand the art of paying it forward.

In order for a young adult to participate in our program they need to be able to or be willing to learn :

Each individual is treated with respect and we encourage them to be proud of every attempt and outcome. Not only do we want them to succeed in our program but we want them to excel in life and be upstanding, kind citizens.

a division of Special Needs Schools of Gwinnett

Division of SNS


The YALLS program was developed to provide an fulfilling and safe day for adults with varying disabilities. We work on independent and social skills within the community, home, and work environments. We strive to take our participants out into the community each and every day training and completing various projects and jobs.

We have been very fortunate to partner with some of our local businesses to help our participants train in various fields. In return they have each given back to our group in very special ways.

We are always looking for more partners and jobs. Please contact us if you would like our help?

Here is a list of our current jobs:

Rhodes Jordan CC

Clean tables, vaccuum, clean restrooms, break down sports equipment, set up for events, wash dishes.


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SE Gwinnett Co-op

Count and bag items, stock shelves, break down boxes, take out trash.


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Dacula Family Sports

Sorting items, assist with flyers, clean equipment.


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Rancho Alegre Farm

Weeding, planting, and mulching. Working with farm animals. Gardening.


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In addition to the skills learned in and around the community we strive to equip our young adults to be independent in their homes.


Carli Razzetti
Carli Razzetti About Carli

Carli Razzsetti is a friend and facilitator in our YALLS program. Carli's career began with SNS in 2016, she began working in a primary class but very quickly moved to the Young Adults. Carli says she has always wanted a career in which she was helping others.

"It has been such an honor and pleasure working with our young adults. To be able to see them grow each week is so rewarding. They have become so much more comfortable going out in the community for fun or on our jobs. There is so much laughter in this group. I can't imagine doing anything else. We are growing and expanding every day, and I absolutely can't wait to see what the future holds for the YALLS."

Carli was born and raised in Lawrenceville Ga giving her a strong connection to the community. She has played a key role in finding partners for our young adults to work with in the community. Carli has a 5 year old son named Micah. "He is my motivation through so much, and keeps me on my toes" They enjoy experiencing outdoor adventures together.

Alyssa Trotter
Alyssa Trotter About Alyssa

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660 Davis Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

+1 678-442-6262

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